Falling Debris Accidents

Dec 10, 2021

What Are Falling Debris Accidents?

These types of accidents occur when objects are dislodged or dropped from a location way above the ground.  Most often it happens on construction sites where work is done from a significant height.  It can also take place underneath a tall building even if no construction project is going on.

When these objects fall to the ground, they can land on top of a person or an animal and cause catastrophic injuries.  There can be lasting effects on the victim’s health.  Such accidents can also be expensive to treat medically say Manhattan falling debris accident attorneys, Levitsky Law Firm.

What Are Some Common Reasons Behind Falling Debris Accidents?

We are about to reveal some of the more common accidents stemming from falling debris.  However, according to our Manhattan premises liability attorney, please keep in mind that new and unique accident circumstances could happen at any time.  If you are walking near a large and high construction site or building, please pay attention to the skies above you.  Now, here is that list:

  • Poorly stacked materials and supplies
  • Malfunction of construction equipment
  • Oversized loads
  • Failure to provide adequate safety measures
  • Lack of sufficient training of workers
  • Misuse of construction equipment
  • Collapse of the structure
  • Failure to post sufficient warning signs for pedestrians
  • Failure of workers to follow safety procedures

Who Is Liable in a Falling Debris Accident?

There really is no one correct answer to this question as circumstances behind these accidents can differ from case to case.  Most often in a lawsuit, the accident attorneys go after the owners of the construction site or building.

In an accident case where there was no construction going on, yet a heavy object fell from way up high and injured somebody, the owners of the building can be held liable.  It is up to the attorney to help the victim prove that the owner of the building was at fault.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Examples throughout history in NY falling debris accidents can be found by an experienced attorney such as Levitsky Law Firm.  Your representative will know how best to prove the fault lay with the owner of the construction site or building from whence the incident took place.  If you have been injured in such a manner, call them today!