Different Types of Divorce in New York

Oct 12, 2017

divorceThere are several types of divorce in New York. Each one is defined by specific circumstances, and has different ways of being resolved. Levitsky Law Firm has many years of experience in representing families and individuals in the divorce process.


An uncontested divorce is one in which both spouses have agreed on all the major issues. Child support, custody and visitation, spousal support, distribution of debts and assets, have all been decided by the couple prior to the case being seen by the judge. This is usually the fastest and easiest type of divorce. You can choose to file a fault or no-fault divorce.


A contested divorce is one in which there is at least one major issue that the couple cannot agree on. This means that the judge needs to make a decision for them, after a trial. These types of divorces are usually very expensive, often painful, and sometimes embarrassing. You can cite fault or file a no-fault divorce in this type. A Brooklyn divorce lawyer can help you navigate a contested divorce.

Dissolution of Marriage

Some states have dissolution of marriage and divorce proceedings. New York only has divorce proceedings, except in special circumstances. Dissolution of marriage is a special proceeding that can be brought when a spouse has been missing for at least five continuous years.

A Brooklyn Family Law Attorney can help you determine the best course of action for your situation. Levitsky Law Firm can also aide you with other possible divorce options: Summary Divorce, Default Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, Mediation or Arbitration.

Whatever type of divorce you’re looking at, a Brooklyn family law attorney is the best way to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, issues are resolved quickly, and the divorce moves forward swiftly and easily. The attorneys at Levitsky Law Firm of Brooklyn are ready to meet with you for a free consultation and help you get started on your divorce.