Common Sports Accident Injuries

Aug 13, 2021

Sports accident injuries are fairly common in regular sporting activities.  These injuries are most prevalent in youth sports such as soccer, football, baseball, and other activities.  Sometimes, these injuries happen within the scope of the game and can’t be helped or prevented.  Other times, the injuries happen due to negligence of some degree, either by equipment, playing surface, or other reasons.

Types of Common Injuries

Injuries can be fairly minor such as cuts, scrapes, or bruises and can easily be cared for at the playing site with bandages and rest.  Sometimes, injuries can be major ones such as torn ligaments, major lacerations that require stitches, broken bones, torn cartilage, etc.  These type of major injuries need hospitalization and long-term rest and recovery and aftercare with a specialist.

What Type of Compensation Can You Get For Those Injuries?

Compensation can vary by the individual details of the case and to what degree negligence played a part in the injury.  You can get compensation for pain and suffering and in some cases, lost work wages due to missing work, either for yourself if you were the victim or missing work due to caring for a child, who may have been the victim.  You can also get compensation in care for your injuries.

Who is Responsible For Those Injuries?

This is down to a person’s individual case, but we’ll look at a couple of examples to show responsibility in these cases.  Let’s say that you played a pickup game of basketball on a court that is maintained by the City.  You drive down the lane to score a bucket and as you plant your foot to boost upwards to lay the ball in, you step into a soft portion of the concrete that breaks upon your pressure.  You fall to the ground, writhing in pain as your knee immediately swells up.  In this case, the City would be responsible for your injuries due to negligence of maintaining the concrete on the court.

Another example would be if you were playing baseball and were struck in the head by a pitch.  Let’s say the batting helmet breaks and you suffer a concussion and a bruise.  The batting helmet manufacturer would be responsible for your injuries due to faulty construction of the batting helmet, which should not have broken under normal circumstances.

How a Brooklyn Personal Attorney Can Help You

A Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn can do the research needed to gather facts about your case.  Have there been other cases of people being injured at the site that you were injured at?  Have any other people been hurt by the equipment used?  These are all pertinent questions dependent upon your own case.  An Attorney will find these facts out and fight for your rights and for any compensation that would be due to you in an injury.

If you have suffered a sports related injury and are looking for compensation or questions about your possible case, please contact Levitsky Law Firm today for more information.