Common Premises Liability Claims

Jul 15, 2022

Premises liability is a type of lawsuit that allows claimants to seek compensation for property-related injuries. From slips and falls because of wet floors without warning signs to malfunctioning elevators or escalators, the injured party should immediately seek help from a Brooklyn premises liability lawyer.

There are many different types of premises liability claims. Below are some of the most common ones typically filed. If you or your loved one gets involved in any of these or any other similar situations, make sure to reach out to a Brooklyn personal injury attorney so you can get the legal help you need.

Slip and Fall

man slipped on the floor with wet floor signageSlips and falls may seem like a minor accidents compared to other scenarios, but they can be just as damaging. A broken bone, a concussion may occur, or a seizure. This can arise in various situations like slippery surfaces, unstable or damaged furniture, icy sidewalks, faulty stairs or grab bars, and more.

Construction Accidents

construction worker helping his injured co-workerIt is the responsibility of the property to adequately provide warning signs about any digging, rigging, or any other construction activities going on so that the pedestrians can take care of it. Otherwise, it makes them liable should anything untoward happen to anyone.


construction worker slipped on the stairsA tumble down a flight of stairs is never a good situation. Getting stuck in an elevator is also one of those situations that you can claim damages for, especially if you get injured because of it.

Dog Bites

beware of dog signagePremises liability can also occur in residential properties. For example, you’re walking down the block and your neighbor’s dog suddenly attacks you. You can file suit against the dog owner for not taking enough precautions to prevent their dog from being a danger to pedestrians.

How to Prove Liability

A Brooklyn premises liability lawyer can help prove liability by gathering pieces of evidence to build your case. Any footage or photo documentation would help, as well as the official accident report that you filed. It would also be helpful to include any medical records, bills, and additional treatment you may need resulting from your injury.

A personal injury lawyer would be a big help in pursuing our claim. Get in touch with a Brooklyn premises liability law firm — Levitsky law firm to get the justice you deserve now.