Common NY Car Accidents: What to Do Next

May 31, 2019

Auto accidents happen on a daily basis in the state of New York. Some are very serious and will often result in significant financial damages for victims, while the most common accidents tend to be “fender bender” types of mishaps. However, this does not mean seemingly minor to moderate injuries will not worsen in the future. The problem is that injured accident victims really only have one opportunity for damage compensation in the time period following the fact. And, even a minor accident injury could be a valuable claim when all factors are evaluated for the long run. Knowing what to do can be confusing in a state like New York with complicated accident laws, and having an experienced Brighton Beach personal injury lawyer like those at the Levitsky Law Firm representing the case is vital for injured victims pursuing whole financial compensation.

Filing an Initial Claim

Because New York implements a “no-fault” auto accident system, the first avenue for financial compensation is filing with the insurance company that covers the vehicle in which the injured victim was riding. This applies to passengers as well as drivers. Fault and negligence are not issues initially unless the injuries are serious enough that total damages exceed the amount of insurance protection on the vehicle. Any further damages must be pursued based on fault and negligence of each involved driver, and the injury must be qualified by statue rules of determination.

Potential Claim Issues

The primary problems with this system is that drivers could be put at odds with their own insurance company, and it gives the insurance company an opportunity to make a low settlement offer quickly in an attempt to end the case before all compensation factors are evaluated. This especially applies to general damages for long-term pain-and-suffering. Your Brighton Beach personal injury lawyer can investigate the accident for all potential negligent actors when injuries are serious and pursue whole damages when available.

Never attempt handling an accident injury claim personally in New York. The case may be more valuable than you realize. Always contact the Levitsky Law Firm in Brighton Beach and let them put their experience to work for you.