Category: Personal Injury

New York Mirror Laws – Preventing Car Accidents

Aug 25, 2023

Driving is a privilege, but it is also a responsibility. As a driver, you have a duty to operate your vehicle safely and obey all traffic laws. One important traffic law that many drivers are unaware of is the law regarding mirrors. Understanding [...]

Running Red Light Car Accidents and Injuries

Aug 18, 2023

Traffic lights are fundamental to maintaining order on our roads. Yet, despite their clear indicators, there's an alarming number of drivers who choose to disobey them. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), in a given year, [...]

Right of Way Laws – Car Accidents

Aug 11, 2023

Every driver knows that moment: you approach an intersection, another car pulls up, and you both hesitate, wondering who should go first. This common scenario highlights the importance of understanding right of way laws. Not only do these laws [...]

Moped Accident

Jul 31, 2023

Have you ever enjoyed a ride on a moped, feeling the cool New York breeze against your skin, only to have your tranquility shattered by an unexpected accident? As fun and convenient as they can be, mopeds, unfortunately, are not exempt from the road [...]

Parking Garage Car Accident

Jul 28, 2023

Traversing through a bustling New York parking garage can be a stressful experience, akin to steering through a labyrinth. One moment of distraction and — bang! — a parking garage accident occurs, turning an ordinary day into a legal [...]

Wrong Way Driver Accidents

Jul 14, 2023

Have you ever been jolted awake by the terrifying sight of headlights rapidly approaching your lane? Or worse, have you been a victim of a wrong way driver accident in Brooklyn? If so, you are unfortunately far from alone. Wrong-way driving, a [...]

NY Automated Work Zone Speed Monitoring Program

Jul 07, 2023

Driving too fast in work zones endangers everyone present. This reality led to the establishment of New York's Automated Work Zone Speed Monitoring Program, an initiative to protect workers and motorists alike. But what exactly does this program [...]

Red Light Car Accidents

Jun 30, 2023

It happens in an instant. The light turns red, but the driver across you disregards the signal, plunging into the intersection. Suddenly, you're entangled in a red light accident - a distressing event that happens in New York. Red light accidents [...]

Car Accidents Involving School Bus in New York: Who is Liable?

Jun 23, 2023

Imagine the school bus arrives to pick up your child. It's an ordinary day until an inattentive driver suddenly collides with the bus. Everyone's first thoughts are about the safety of the children involved, but soon after, questions about [...]