Can Our Divorce Be Mediated?

Jun 14, 2019

Divorce cases can be highly stressful and contentious. Divorce cases may require multiple court hearings and delays. In some situations, the parties can settle the divorce through a dispute resolution process called mediation. Whether your case will benefit from mediation depends on the issues and whether there is any possibility of compromise. Brooklyn NY divorce lawyers from Levitsky Law Firm can provide advice as to whether mediation would be beneficial.

What is mediation?
Mediation is a dispute resolution process that takes place out of court in an informal setting. In mediation, an independent third party acts works with the two parties to help them reach common ground and compromise. The particular methods used by the mediator to facilitate resolution varies in each circumstances and with each mediator.

In mediation, the parties may be represented by an attorney. Statements and offers made in mediation cannot be used against you later in court and are protected from disclosure under the rules of evidence. This allows the parties to speak openly without the fear that statements will be used against them later.

Mediation can help resolve all or some of the issues of the case. A mediator can also help narrow the extent of the issues, which helps to simplify the case.

What is the benefit of mediation?
Mediation can expedite resolution of a divorce and is often a more cost-effective option. In mediation, you may have more control over the outcome than you have in a trial setting. Because parties in a divorce often will need to continue to effectively communicate in the future, mediation can serve as a test to help the parties learn to communicate and compromise on certain issues.

How can an attorney help?
An attorney can explain to you the risks and benefits of mediation and whether it is recommended in your case. An attorney can represent you in the mediation and provide advice about the proposals.

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