Can I Claim Voluntary Impoverishment of a Former Spouse?

Dec 20, 2022

Voluntary impoverishment is a legal term referring to the parent of a child claiming they don’t have income or the same income noted from a previous court hearing for either spousal support or child support. If you feel your former spouse has claimed voluntary impoverishment, what can you do if you have an issue with it? Reach out today to Levitsky Law Firm, PLLC, to learn more about voluntary impoverishment and what you can do in this situation.

In many cases, those who have a child support order coming from their spouse run into an issue – where the spouse claims they’re unemployed or no longer make the same amount of money they did at the time of the ruling – and wants to reduce their support amount. If you feel this claim’s in error or have suspicions that there’s more to the story, you can get legal NYC child support assistance from a Brighton Beach family lawyer experienced in these cases.

They can work with you to determine if the other party is being genuine and truthful. If there’s reason to believe otherwise, the court will consider many aspects, including their line of work, education, ability to provide, and more – to determine the amount they must pay. You’ll need a top attorney to advise you on the process and clarify the steps and procedures to get the best outcome for the situation.

If you would like to work with a knowledgeable and reputable lawyer on an NYC child support case involving voluntary impoverishment, you should contact Levitsky Law Firm, PLLC. Schedule a consultation to get the settlement and support you need to take care of your child. Let us walk you through the process and work directly with you to make the process more straightforward with fewer issues.