Can Another Party be Liable for my Winter Weather Accident Injuries?

Dec 30, 2020

Winters in New York can be cold, icy, and filled with snow. You must take precautions against the hazards caused by such conditions. Doing so will help mitigate the risk of an accident. However, it will not absolutely prevent one. You may encounter someone who is not as careful and conscientious about the way they drive in winter weather. 

If you sustain injuries in an accident caused by another, you can seek damages from them. If you were hurt because of a fall on an icy sidewalk, you should call a Brooklyn slip and fall attorney to help. But if your car was smashed into by another vehicle in poor weather conditions, you may be able to sue the driver for negligence. Accident lawyers in Brooklyn can help you build a case. 

To hold the other driver liable for your injuries, you must prove that they did not take reasonable care to prevent injury to other drivers. Everyone who lives in New York knows of the inclement weather that occurs in the winter. Every driver must take precautions to be safe on the road. These include: 

  • Ensuring tires are properly inflated 
  • De-frosting the windshield 
  • Removing snow from the roof of the car 
  • Putting on snow tires 

Failure to take any of these measures can make the driver who hit you liable for damages to your vehicle and person. The person can also be held accountable if they failed to drive at a safe speed in inclement weather, or they did not have their lights or windshield wipers on so that they could see other drivers and be seen by them. 

If you have been in a car accident caused by an unsafe driver, then you should hire a Brooklyn car accident attorney. The Levitsky Law Firm is a Brooklyn personal injury law firm that can provide you the help that you require. You should call them to review your legal options.