Alimony Issues? Why You Need a Family Law Attorney

Jul 31, 2020

Alimony is a common form of spousal support that involves one individual providing their spouse with monetary support, which can be provided before or after divorce has been finalized. While alimony can be made in a lump sum, many individuals will make their alimony payments on a monthly basis for a certain period of time. The main reason that alimony is awarded to one spouse is to make sure that the spouse can continue the type of lifestyle that they had become accustomed to before the divorce took place. There are many reasons why you may need the assistance of a family law attorney like ours for an issue with your alimony, all of which are detailed in the following.

Common Alimony Disagreements

There are several potential reasons why an alimony disagreement can occur between two spouses. If your partner lied to the court to make sure that you paid alimony, you may need representation to correct this issue. The same is true if your partner failed to provide you with an alimony payment on time. Keep in mind that alimony must be sought before a divorce is finalized. There are numerous factors that are taken into account by a judge when determining what the alimony payments will amount to. These factors include marriage length, income, and employment status.

Why You Need a New York Family Law Attorney

Here at Levitsky Law Firm, we are able to help each of our clients handle any alimony issue that’s currently affecting them. Going through a divorce is oftentimes difficult for both parties. If there are also alimony concerns that you must contend with, the entire situation can be stressful and overwhelming. Our family law attorneys can handle every facet of your case for you, which should help reduce your stress and allow you to relax while we take care of the finer details. It’s also possible that our attorneys can help you save both time and money depending on the alimony issue that you’re dealing with.

If you are looking to change an alimony order or need assistance with an alimony problem you’re going through, our New York family law attorney can help you navigate the situation. Contact Levitsky Law Firm today to schedule your initial consultation.