Accidents That Often Lead To Brain Injuries

Sep 13, 2021

Symptoms of the injury

It is not your fault if you don’t recognize brain injury symptoms right off the bat. You are not a doctor, and it is not your job. That said, a Brooklyn accident attorney would tell you to be on the lookout for someone who behaves far out of character, someone who begins to see blank spots from their eyes, and anyone showing signs of a concussion (including extreme headaches).

Should you go to the doctor after you accident even if you don’t notice the injury?

Your Brooklyn brain injury attorney will always tell you that you should go to the doctor even if you don’t immediately notice the impact of your injury. Brain injuries are very serious, and they may go undetected in the beginning. It is best to get in with a doctor as rapidly as possible to prevent additional damage whenever possible.

Long term effects of these type of injures

A Brooklyn personal injury attorney will undoubtedly have stories of people who have suffered brain damage from injuries in the past who were simply never the same after this happened. They may lose interest in things that they once enjoyed, they may face psychological damage from their injuries, and their entire personality may change over time. It is common, and it is scary to see people completely transform into someone unrecognizable from who they were before the injury.

What compensation and damages can you get for your injuries?

Here at the Levitsky Law Firm, we go after all potential damages that a client may be able to receive from the state or the negligent party. This includes damages from the loss of satisfaction with life as a result of the injury, the loss of wages from the accident, and even punitive damages when applicable.

How your attorney can help

We always bring the most firepower possible to the courtroom. We feel that our clients deserve justice, and we work tirelessly until we receive that justice for them in the form of a settlement or judgment from the court. It is in that moment that our clients receive some measure of monetary justice.