4 Tips: How to Treat Minor Children while Going through a Divorce

Mar 15, 2019
Consider Your Children In Your Divorce

Let our Brighton Beach divorce attorneys at Levitsky Law Firm help you and your entire family through the divorce process. It’s important to consider aiding your minor children through this difficult time and staying supportive and civil. We’ve put together a helpful guide on how you can approach the process with your children in mind.

Four Tips On Helping Your Children With Divorce

1. Be honest and open for communication 

Try not to sugarcoat the situation. Explain to your children that they will have different schedules between their two parents and answer any questions they have.

2. Find a support system 

Look to other family members and adults your children trust for help. This can mean having them visit Grandma when you’re in court or more outings with cousins.

3. Be civil around your kids 

Try not to let your children hear their parents fight, whether it’s in person or on the phone. Our Brighton Beach divorce lawyers can mediate the divorce hearings without your minor children in the room. You should also be sure to stay positive when dropping your kids off with their other parent and save your emotions for when they’re out of sight.

4. Think about counseling 

Your family could benefit from a counselor or therapist knowledgeable with divorce. Schedule family sessions or let your children decide if they want to speak to a professional one on one.

Keep Their Interests In Mind

Your children are going to have a lot of questions and feelings; communicate with them and reassure them they’re loved. Our Brooklyn divorce attorneys are here to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family. We understand that this can be a difficult time and are here to help.