10 Simple Ways to Keep You and Your Family Uninjured During Quarantine

May 15, 2020

The quarantine order has prompted billions of Americans to take refuge inside of their homes. These 10 tips can keep you and your family safe until the order is lifted and regular everyday life can resume. You also can benefit by having the number of a Bensonhurst NY personal injury attorney from Levitsky Law Firm in your phone’s contacts.

1. Use Medicines and Supplements Properly: Before you use any medication or supplement to improve your health, read the instructions on how to use it properly.

2. Follow Directions on Household Cleaners: As you clean your home to keep it safe from the coronavirus, you need to read instructions on how to use them correctly.

3. Be Mindful of Traffic: Wellness experts encourage people to get outside to enjoy walks or jogs in the neighborhood. Be mindful of traffic so that you avoid becoming the victim of a hit and run or traffic wreck.

4. Avoid Strange Animals: As you walk or jog, avoid animals that you do not know. You do not want to suffer a bite or worse from an aggressive or sick animal.

5. Watch Where You Walk: You also need to pay attention to where you walk or jog when you are outdoors. You do not want to become involved in a slip and fall accident and suffer an injury.

6. Use Trustworthy Rideshare or Taxi Services: Use rideshare or taxi services that you trust and know are reputable. Avoid becoming a victim of a vehicle accident or hit and run while using these services.

7. Obey Social Distancing: Keep six feet away from people when you are outdoors. Do not allow another person to cough, sneeze or breathe on you and possibly making you ill.

8. Check Safety Equipment at Home: Check the viability of home safety equipment like fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. Replace or repair them when necessary.

9. File for Divorce: When the quarantine has brought out the worst in your marriage, file for divorce or a separation for your safety and that of your children.

10. Retain an Attorney: Retain a Bensonhurst NY personal injury attorney from Levitsky Law Firm if you have been injured.