Your First Steps After Being Injured In A Construction Accident

Nov 23, 2020

Construction accidents can result in serious, potentially permanent injuries, significant lost work time, exorbitant medical bills, and major financial distress. Occasionally, such incidents may be due to one or more party’s negligent actions. 

New York City area construction workers involved in mishaps they believe were due to someone else’s negligence are encouraged to consult a Brooklyn construction accident attorney. 

The legal professionals employed at the Levitsky Law Firm invite said parties to continue reading this blog discussing the steps said individuals should take in the wake of such incidents. 

Seek Medical Help 

Injured parties should seek immediate medical attention. Even minor incidents are capable of producing serious underlying issues. 

Moreover, success in any type of civil action will hinge on the ability of the plaintiff and their Brooklyn construction attorney to prove that their injuries are connected to the accident and no other medical concern. 

Notify Employer Immediately 

The injured party should notify their supervisor or employer immediately following the incident. Engaging in such action might inspire said entities to address any existing problems or hazards. 

Carefully Document Potential Evidence 

The accident victim is strongly encouraged to carefully document important details such as when, where, and how the incident occurred. Furthermore, said subjects should procure any witnesses capable of corroborating the plaintiff’s account of the events. 

File A Workman’s Compensation Claim 

Workman’s compensation insurance is a legal requirement for establishments like construction companies. This safeguard provides financial support to those injured performing such jobs. 

The Importance Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer 

While all the preceding actions are important, the most critical step an injured construction worker can take is to retain the services of a Brooklyn injury lawyer. Said professional can review the facts surrounding the case, attempt to demonstrate negligence on the part of the construction company or another party, and illustrate how the incident exerted an adverse impact upon the injured party’s well-being. 

Contacting Us 

Brooklyn construction workers injured in construction accidents are urged to contact the Levitsky Law Firm. We might be able to help said individuals recover the compensation they need. More about us can be found by visiting