Wrongful Death at a Construction Site

Dec 31, 2018

A construction site is an inherently risky place to work, and accidents often occur due to other parties’ negligence. When this occurs and a worker loses his or her life as a result, the victim’s survivors are eligible to file a Brooklyn construction accident claim. The most common causes of wrongful death on a construction site are object strikes, falls, becoming trapped, and electrocution. While OSHA has implemented rules to protect workers, employers sometimes ignore them, which leads to tragedy. With help from a Brooklyn wrongful death attorney, however, families can get the compensation they deserve.

Compensation Types

Even if no negligence was involved, the deceased worker’s family is likely eligible for death benefits through workers’ comp. While such benefits are helpful, they’re usually not enough to replace the breadwinner’s income. With help from the Levitksy Law Firm, a family may be able to gain more compensation via a wrongful death action. Additionally, a worker’s survivors may be able to sue third parties who share responsibility for the event, such as equipment manufacturers, subcontractors, and property owners.

Who Can Make a Recovery?

New York’s worker’s comp rules outline who can recover benefits when a worker loses his or her life on the job. Most of the time, payments go to surviving spouses and children; other family members may claim benefits if the person wasn’t married and didn’t have children. Only an estate representative can file a claim for wrongful death, as state law allows representatives to sue for monetary losses on other family members’ behalf. Consult a Brooklyn construction accident law firm for more information.

How an Attorney Can Help

The time after a wrongful death is an awful one for surviving family members. Not only do they have to deal with the loss, they also have to work with employers, insurance adjusters, and other parties who may attempt to deny them the damages to which they’re entitled. Visit the website for more details or call to set up a consultation with a Brooklyn personal injury attorney.