Winter Slip and Fall Accidents: What to Do After Being Injured

Nov 29, 2019

Winter always brings an increase in the number of slip-and-fall accidents for people who live in areas of inclement weather. Ice and snow are often clear contributors, but many times accidents occur due to the failure of a responsible party regarding a reasonable duty of care to patrons. New York is clearly one of those areas of multiple weather impacts, and knowing who to call in the event of a slip-and-fall injury should be predetermined for anyone in the region. Which personal injury law firm in Brooklyn that you choose can matter, such as Levitsky Law Firm Brighton Beach NY injury lawyers.

Proving Liability

All accident injury claim hinge on liability and negligence. While a slip-and-fall injury victim may have contributed to causing their own injury by their actions, the property owner, manager, and even another person on the property may be liable for the injury after all of the facts are evaluated. When all parties cannot agree on the level of negligence and liability for each one, the case will typically end up in court. This is not uncommon, and having an aggressive attorney who is willing to pursue damages to the full extent of the law is vital in many cases because they are typically strongly defended.

Comparative Negligence in New York

The state of New York uses pure comparative negligence when injury cases are settled. What this generally means is that negligent respondents are only responsible for their percentage of fault in association with an accident. This applies to slip-and-fall claims just as in auto accidents, but the terminology and application of fault is a bit different. Reasonable assumption of personal risk is often the primary defense for the respondent, but other factors like legal occupation of the property can matter as well. Your attorney from Levitsky Law Firm can craft your case expecting these claims and defend your contribution to causing the accident and injury.

Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm in Brooklyn

Never attempt handling a slip-and-fall injury case personally. New York residents should always call Levitsky Law Firm Brighton Beach NY injury lawyers for exceptional legal representation.