Will I Be Able to Get Paid for Pain and Suffering after an Auto Accident?

Aug 13, 2020

When you suffer an auto accident, you expect to be compensated for such damages as lost income, repairs needed for your vehicle, and medical expenses. However, many accident victims initially fail to realize they can also be compensated for their pain and suffering. Defined legally as both the physical pain suffered due to injuries as well as the emotional toll the accident took on you, this area can often result in the granting of substantial compensation by a judge, jury, or insurance company. If you are suffering pain from severe physical injuries as well as PTSD, anxiety, depression, or other emotional issues following your accident, hire Brighton Beach accident attorneys for your case.

Calculating Pain and Suffering

Since there is no set formula used for calculating pain and suffering, your Brighton Beach personal injury attorneys at the Levitsky Law Firm will rely on the injuries you suffered and the subsequent medical treatment needed for your recovery. In most cases, higher amounts of compensation are awarded to victims who required extensive medical treatment for their injuries.

Proving Pain and Suffering

To prove the extent of pain and suffering you endured following your auto accident, it is always best if you have your injuries documented in medical records. Therefore, you should always seek immediate medical treatment following your auto accident. Along with this, your Brighton Beach personal injury lawyers will also use your medical records in conjunction with testimony from your doctors or other medical professionals who can act as expert witnesses on your behalf.

Since amounts of compensation awarded to auto accident victims can vary greatly, do everything you can to ensure you receive maximum compensation after your accident for your pain and suffering. Rather than take your chances with inexperienced attorneys, schedule an immediate consultation today with skilled and knowledgeable Brighton Beach personal injury attorneys from the Levitsky Law Firm.