Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Seek a Divorce

May 05, 2020

When your marriage has fallen irreparably apart, there is no sense in putting off the inevitable. You and your spouse realize that nothing can bring your marriage back to life. Putting off filing for divorce only prolongs your misery.

Rather than wait to file, you need to act quickly and decisively in the best interest of your family. You can start by meeting with an experienced Bay Bridge NY divorce attorney from Levitsky Law Firm today.

Filing a Divorce Petition

There is no need for you to go to the courthouse to file your divorce petition. Your lawyer can make the petition on your behalf and file it with your local court quickly.

You only need to meet with your lawyer and communicate with him or her often to be an active part of your divorce case. Your attorney will need to know the specifics for why you are filing for divorce, how many children you have with your spouse as well as their ages and what kind of income that you earn. Your legal team will take over to file for support and custody on your behalf.

Division of Assets

Your lawyer will also be a valuable asset to have by your side when you and your spouse divide your marital assets. Even under the best of circumstances, the division of assets can become contentious. Your lawyer can make sure that you get your due share of the bank accounts, life insurance, cars, home and other property.

If need be, your lawyer can also file for protective orders if your spouse is abusive or has threatened you. Your legal team will ensure that he or she stays away from you and poses no danger to your safety or that of your children.Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Seek a Divorce – Levitsky Law Firm Personal Injury and Family Lawyers

You can file for divorce today by hiring an experienced lawyer. Contact a Bay Bridge NY divorce attorney from Levitsky Law Firm.