Why Would I Need an Order of Protection During a Divorce?

Jan 28, 2020

The long, complicated divorce process takes a toll on the strongest people. This strenuous period wading through change may include present misunderstandings or renew past challenges. An order of protection shields you from potentially heated situations for peace of mind to build new life.

The experienced Brooklyn divorce lawyers of the Levitsky Law Firm are here to counsel you through the order of protection process should the need arise.

Reasons For an Order of Protection
An order of protection legally bars a threatening party from your workplace, home and other common whereabouts. If domestic violence plagued your marriage, this measure creates the precedent against unlawful contact.

The order is also appropriate if emotions flared to scary incidents after you separated and began to divorce. If you were disrespected on no contact wishes or experienced other discomforting actions, you need an order of protection.

An Attorney Fights For a Strong Order and Enforcement
A written order does not guarantee an unwanted party will not show up. However, it should be a strong deterrent when maximum conditions are listed and this is where an attorney can help. You risk critical exclusions if you handle matters alone without an attorney to draw precise, comprehensive conditions such as:

  • Child support payments
  • Custody and visitation guidelines
  • Weapons and ammunition removal
  • Moves out of your home
  • Police escort in the offender’s presence
  1. Levitsky Law Firm Leads the Way
    The Levitsky Law Firm understands our divorce clients may be stretched thin and fragile. So we help file all order paperwork in timely fashions and can represent you in court on emergency bases if the order is violated.Brooklyn divorce lawyers want you to be safe during this transition and encourage you to take all possible, necessary measures during divorce.