Why It’s Important to Help Your Kids Understand Divorce

Feb 26, 2020

While a divorce can be traumatic enough for the adults who are involved, it may be especially traumatic for children. When parents split up, children are forced to undergo numerous changes to their family structure and day-to-day activities. Because of this, many children experience problems with anxiety and depression in the midst of and following a divorce. However, by taking the time to explain the situation to them in terms they can understand, it is possible to make the process much more manageable and help them feel safer along the way.

It’s Not Their Fault
When you are working with Brooklyn NY divorce lawyers at the Levitsky Law Firm during your divorce, it is crucial you also take the time to let your children know the divorce is not their fault. In many cases, children will assume they did something wrong that led to their parents divorcing. Therefore, always let your children know they were never the problem that led to the divorce.

Still a Family
When a divorce occurs and one parent exits the home, children often feel as if this is the beginning of the end for their family. Rather than let them believe this, it is important to let them know in no uncertain terms that regardless of the divorce and new living arrangements, all of you are still a family. To help with this, it will be best if you can work with Brooklyn NY divorce lawyers at the Levitsky Law Firm to ensure you and your ex-spouse will have a custody agreement in place that still allows both parents the chance to spend quality time with their children.

Since divorce can be hard on everyone involved, it is best to make the process as smooth as possible. To do so, begin by scheduling a consultation with Brooklyn NY divorce lawyers at the Levitsky Law Firm.