When Signs meant to Protect, instead Harm the Public

Aug 21, 2018
Signs on the road are supposed to help drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists stay safe, but sometimes things don’t work as intended. The city of Brooklyn placed a sign on a bicycling path in Prospect Park that sent one cyclist to the hospital because he crashed into it, causing an uproar from the local community.

On May 24th, the Department of Transportation placed portable signs to advise caution and establish a ten mph speed limit for those cruising on two wheels. The signs were mounted on poles at crosswalks near the Prospect Park Bandshell and Vanderbilt playground.

The city didn’t think things through very well, because they put the signs right in the middle of the pavement, which created a severe hazard to cyclists. One man, who might need to seek the services of a personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn, crashed right into the sign on May 31st.

Stanley Greenberg, a member of the Prospect Park Community Committee, stated that he heard a noise and when he turned around he saw a guy down on the ground due to the collision. The committee serves as a liaison between the stewards of the park and the local community.

The sign rotated 90 degrees when the man crashed into it and sustained injuries requiring an ambulance. Greenberg was visibly upset and explained that no one was informed about the placement, which could have eliminated the incident and need for the man to consult with a Brooklyn injury attorney about his experience.

A spokeswoman for the Alliance said Greenberg knew about the plans to ease traffic concerns with the signs when the project was proposed in February. He said he knew the concerns surfaced, but a concrete plan to remedy the problem wasn’t explained. A spokeswoman for the Transportation Department said the signs were moved to the side of the road after the incident, but they remained in the middle of the road through part of the weekend.

Failing to solve the problem may cause the city to see a surge in Brooklyn personal injury cases for the future since it’s the city’s responsibility to keep the public safe. The city’s failure to analyze the situation before implementing it created a hazardous situation for cyclists and made them liable for injuries and incidents.

Lawsuits are complicating, and an experienced personal injury attorney can help ensure you receive adequate compensation for your medical costs and other expenses incurred from the incident.

If you’ve experienced an injury from a poorly placed sign, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you.