When Innocent bystanders get hit by a car! Can they get compensation for their injuries?

Aug 10, 2018
Automobile accidents that occur in urban traffic often result in innocent bystanders being struck by debris or even a vehicle in some serious crashes. When collisions happen they happen fast, and anyone in proximity is vulnerable to a potential injury. Luckily, anyone who is injured as a third party resulting from the crash can be compensated for their injuries, but it is always vital to have an experienced accident lawyer in Brooklyn. A prime example of how innocent bystanders can be injured was an accident that happened in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn recently when 13 people standing on the sidewalk were struck by a vehicle that jumped the curve for some unknown reason. Not only were multiple bystanders injured, but several ambulances were dispatched to the scene to evaluate the damage and provide treatment. These occurrences are also thaumatic many times, which can also be a component of an injury claim as well when all case facts are evaluated.

Potential Damages

Collectible damages following a pedestrian accident consist of compensation for medical bills and any lost wages for time away from work for victims. Damages could also be available for non-economic pain-and-suffering in the form of general damages, which is often the most valuable part of the accident injury settlement. This is also the part of a settlement where insurance companies tend to defend the strongest, and having an experienced personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn who understands the local court system can be the difference in better wholly compensated or receiving very little to settle the case.

What a Accident Lawyer Brooklyn Can Do

While the typical pedestrian who is injured in an unfortunate mishap is at a disadvantage when trying to handle their own injury claim, an experienced accident attorney can inspect all of the case evidence and even question witnesses when they think there is a potential for significant damages. Insurance companies always want to use only the official accident report, but a personal injury lawyer can evaluate the entire case through an independent investigation.

Never let an insurance company deny you compensation for injuries sustained as an innocent bystander. Studies show that injured victims receive up to three times what they do for an injury claim without an attorney. Always call an aggressive personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn to represent your case.