What’s the Process for a Premises Liability Case on Private Property?

Aug 16, 2019

Filing a personal injury claim in a premises liability case in New York should always be done with solid legal representation because the legal process can be complicated and are always strongly defended regardless of validity. All information provided to the responsible party is part of the official record, and any item of evidence could potentially be used against the claimant when contributory negligence is being evaluated in the case. There are specific rules that dictate establishing the case and then proving the case in the event going to court is necessary. But, typically all valid claims will be settled through negotiation between litigant attorneys. It is always to vital to have experienced representation from legal counselors like Levitsky Law Firm Brighton Beach NY premises liability attorneys for a successful outcome.

What Your Attorney Will Do

The first step your premises liability law firm in Brooklyn will take is investigating the ownership of the location and contact the responsible parties. Property owners are typically responsible in certain situations, but legal “possessors” of the property could also be held liable, such as injuries occurring on residential rental locations. The primary respondents will be notified of the material facts of the case and intention to go to court if necessary.

Processing the Case

The legal representative must first prove the injury occurred at the specific location and establish the owner or manager had a reasonable duty of care to the claimant. Once liability is established, the extent of injury and possible contributory negligence of the claimant is evaluated by the legal counsels and insurance company in determining an equitable settlement. Claims that do not result in a settlement will be scheduled for court where case particulars are heard before a jury unless the respondent party agrees to a settlement to avoid a potentially higher financial award.

Contact a Premises Liability Law Firm in Brooklyn

Never attempt handling a premises liability injury case personally. New York residents should contact Levitsky Law Firm Brighton Beach NY premises liability attorneys for aggressive experienced legal representation.