What to Do if You are Involved in a Hit and Run?

Feb 28, 2019

So you’ve recently gotten hit by a car and might be unsure of what to do next. A good start is to get a Brighton Beach accident attorney to help bring the negligent driver to justice. There are other actions you should take, first. A Brooklyn personal injury attorney can do a lot for you, but they could do even more with your help. You might also need to learn a bit about what the laws in your area say about hit and runs. A Brighton Beach accident attorney could help you with this information.

Things You Can and Should Do

The first thing you want to do as soon as a hit and run happens is to get help. Call the police and call an ambulance whether or not you know you have an injury. A doctor can give you a check-up and let you know if there has indeed been damage caused to your body as a result of this wreck. Next, you’ll want to get as much evidence as you can. This can come in the form of witnesses, camera footage, or even the license plate number of the driver if you happened to catch it. Finally, you’ll want to consult with someone like a Brooklyn personal injury attorney on getting compensation.

Familiarize Yourself with the Law

Hit and run laws can vary with each state. In this article, we’ll be focusing mostly on the laws in New York. Violations of a hit and run include property damage, injury, and death. Penalties usually come in the form of a fine ranging from $250-1000 depending on the violation. This might be different in other states where penalties can instead lead to imprisonment. If you want to know more about how to get compensation for a hit and run in New York, then contact Levitsky Law Firm.

If you’re visiting family in New York and this happens to you, then you may find the laws to be different. Luckily, a Brooklyn hit and run accident attorney could give you a briefing about how things work in this state. Just remember to do things like getting emergency help and gathering evidence. You can then appoint a Brooklyn hit and run accident attorney to help you with the rest. With this method, you can obtain the compensation you need to pay those medical bills. Contact the Levitsky Law Firm today to get the justice and compensation you deserve.