What Is the Financial Recovery in a Bus Accident?

Mar 24, 2023

Bus accidents don’t happen very often, but when they do, they often result in life-changing injuries. These injuries can impact multiple parts of an injured person’s life, including their finances, physical capacities, and emotional states. Generally, buses, whether they are run publicly or privately, have insurance policies in place that exceed the normal policy limits of a regular auto policy. Depending on the exact circumstances of a bus accident in New York, settlements to injured parties can result in millions of dollars; this is especially true if you can prove the negligence of the driver of the bus or the brand behind it.

What Qualifies as Negligence?

Actions of negligence that can result in a New York bus accident include the following:

  • Going over the speed limit
  • Distracted driving
  • Texting or talking while driving (bus drivers are not allowed to engage with a cell phone in any sort of way while behind the wheel)
  • Driving with fatigue
  • Driving while impaired
  • Making unsafe lane change
  • Failing to stop at a train track
  • Failure to heed a stop light or stop sign

What Do Bus Settlements Normally Look Like?

Every bus accident is different. A number of factors help determine settlement amounts, including whether or not negligence occurred and how severe the injury is. For example, let’s say you suffer a broken femur as the result of a bus accident. Your settlement will most likely be less than the settlements received by parties with more severe injuries, such as amputation of a limb or a severe brain injury.

As we’ve already said, the final settlement amount depends a lot on how your injury affects your life and work and how much mental pain you’ve gone through because of the accident. Victims may be entitled to compensation worth hundreds or even millions of dollars. It’s possible that a wrongful death lawsuit related to a bus crash may yield several million dollars, depending on the details.

Most cases are resolved out of court and never go to trial, with the highest payouts ranging from five to six figures. If you were injured in a bus accident, you need a Brighton Beach personal injury lawyer who is an expert negotiator and will not rest until you get full compensation for your losses. Contact the Levitsky Law Firm now to get in touch with bus accident attorneys.