What Is A Collaborative Divorce? Is It Right For Me?

Aug 31, 2018

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a process where both parties use negotiations and meditations to settle their divorce. It removes the fight and win element from divorce. The main goal of collaborative divorce is to come up with solutions that benefit both parties.

Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Less Bitterness

Traditional divorces are difficult because there is a lot of bitterness involved. It can take years for the emotional wounds of a divorce can heal. Because the goal of collaborative divorce is to keep things peaceful, there is less bitterness involved.

Lower Expenses

Divorces can be expensive. However, people who go through a collaborative divorce typically spend a lot less than couple who go through a traditional divorce. Collaborative divorce cases can often be settled out of court. Even if the case goes to court, you can still save money.

Quicker Results

Divorces can often be long and drawn out. In fact, it can sometimes take over a year for the divorce process to be finalized. However, you will be able to get through a divorce a lot more quickly if it is a collaborative divorce. Because both people are working together, there is usually no need for a long, drawn out process.

How the Process Works

You will need to hire a Brighton Beach divorce lawyer. Your spouse will also need to hire their own attorney. Both of you will meet with the attorneys separately. The four of you will also meet to come up with reasonable solutions for everyone. You and your spouse may also have to meet with other people such as neutral accountants and child custody specialists.

Benefits of Hiring a Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer

The legal issues surrounding a divorce can be complex. You do not want to go through this ordeal alone. A Brooklyn divorce attorney can help you and your spouse come up with collaborative divorce agreements that work for both of you.