What If My Employer is Fighting My Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Mar 20, 2020

Employees who file claims for worker’s compensation sometimes discover an employer opposes this action. In this situation, it typically makes sense to seek assistance from a lawfirm with experience representing clients in administrative law proceedings. In Brooklyn, for example, an injured employee should consider hiring licensed Brooklyn NY workers compensation attorneys. Consider several reasons to take this step:

One: Experience

Most employees who seek workers compensation lack experience representing themselves in contested administrative hearings (or other legal proceedings). Many injured workers dread attending hearings. The prospect of recounting the circumstances of a painful on-the-job accident at a formal hearing may even fill them with apprehension and emotional distress.

By contrast experienced Brooklyn NY workers compensation attorneys enjoy representing clients in contested cases. They gain personal satisfaction ensuring that an injured worker’s case for monetary compensation obtains skilled advocacy. Firms like the Levitsky Law Firm possess expertise in presenting facts to a hearing officer or a judge. They perform this type of work on a regular basis.

Two: Access to Resources

Many employees recovering from on-the-job injuries lack the physical health and vitality to really prepare effectively for a contested hearing alone. An employer opposing a claim for worker’s compensation may possess extensive financial resources. Some employers don’t welcome employees obtaining worker’s compensation due to concern that the company may eventually face increased costs or other consequences from these types of proceedings. In some cases, an employer marshals extensive resources seeking to deny this type of claim.

The attorneys who appear at contested administrative law proceedings possess the energy and ability to spend time researching legal precedents and locating witnesses. They sometimes retain skilled private investigators and paralegals. By working diligently to gather evidence in support of a client seeking worker’s compensation, firms like the Levitsky Law Firm help ensure injured workers can present their cases fully.