What Are The Time Limits For A Personal Injury Claim in New York?

May 25, 2018

There is a time limit for virtually all legal actions. These laws are known as a statute of limitations. Wait one day past the deadline and a case is lost forever. Personal injury claims in New York are no different. Brooklyn personal injury attorneys knows these laws, and if you hire them, they will protect your interests and make sure the deadline is not missed.

In general, the time limit starts on the day of the injury. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. One exception involves minors. A minor cannot file a lawsuit. The time limit for minors does not begin until the minor reaches their 18th birthday. If you are assisting a minor who has received a personal injury that is potentially someone else’s fault, you need to contact a Brooklyn law firm to make sure that this exception applies in your minor’s case.

The general rule in New York for personal injury claims is three years. Do not sit around until the last minute to contact Brooklyn personal injury attorneys to pursue your case. As soon as you believe you have a claim, contact a Brooklyn law firm. Do not rely on some general statement. Get your advice in person from the lawyers who know the answers.

It is important to note that notifying a person or business that you believe you have a claim against them for personal injury does not stop the statute of limitations. This also applies to filing a claim with the insurance company for the person or business. You can file a claim, submit documentation, and engage in discussions about a settlement. None of those actions will stop the statute from running. The only way to comply with the time limits is to file the proper legal document in the correct court. A personal injury lawyer Brooklyn knows how to do this. They will protect your interests.

For personal injury claims, contact the Levitsky law firm. They know what the statute of limitations is for your personal injury legal action. They will protect your interests, and take actions to ensure your claim is protected.