What a Separation Agreement Should Include

Nov 01, 2019

The decision to separate requires the couple to choose how to handle parts of their lives that they share. Given that there may be tension between the two, it is wise to have certain decisions recorded in a separation agreement as opposed to trying to simply verbally agree on them. A separation agreement is a written document that is signed by both parties and it states how they will manage physical parts of their lives they shared. As this agreement is made, it should be done with legal guidance from Brighton Beach NY family lawyers. Divorce attorneys in Brooklyn advise a separating couple of what they need to include in the agreement. At the Levitsky Law Firm, our professionals consider both points of view in this process to be as fair as possible.

What to Include In A Separation Agreement
When creating a separation agreement with divorce attorneys in Brooklyn, be prepared to explain how you wish to handle the following aspects:

Marital property and assets, and how they will be divided, are one of the main topics stated in a separation agreement. These can include cars, homes, commercial property, and bank accounts. If you are not able to make a decision, a court will usually divide them evenly between you both.

Alimony is typically ordered to be paid to the spouse who made less money during the marriage until they are able to support themselves. If you wish to make this arrangement, it should be stated in the separation agreement.

Child Custody/Child Support
If there are any children present from the marriage, Brighton Beach NY family lawyers will help you both create a parenting plan for taking care of the children. At this point, child support will also be discussed.

If you are going through a separation and need legal guidance to help with the process of making a separation agreement, contact the Levitsky Law Firm for a consultation.