Types of Construction Accidents

Jul 30, 2021

Nine types of workplace accidents occur in the construction industry and according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the four most common types result in deaths:

  • Fall from heights,
  • getting struck by an object,
  • electrocution,
  • becoming trapped in or between equipment and machines.

Each year, OSHA reports that 468 construction workers die from these four accident types. Many other individuals incur injuries in these types of situations. The fatal four as they are known join the less common accidents which include motor vehicle accidents, toxic chemical exposures, explosions, trench collapses, and overexertion.

While the injury from a fall or an object strike occurs instantly, other accident types, such as toxic chemical exposure, occur over time. While asbestos has probably become the best known damaging toxin, many others do harm to construction workers each year.

When you become injured in a workplace accident, you file a worker’s compensation claim immediately. The Levitsky Law Firm can help with that. We can provide the Brooklyn construction accident attorney who helps you obtain a just monetary award for your injury or the death of your loved one.

Sometimes, you must go further legally than a worker’s compensation claim. You might need to go to court to obtain further compensation for serious injuries. Accidents such as explosions can cause severe burns, loss of sight or hearing, or other life-threatening injuries. Falls from a height and trench collapses often result in serious injuries as well.

If the accident includes the element of negligence, whether, on the part of the employers, a contractor, or subcontractor, our Brooklyn construction accident lawyer can help you document it. Proving negligence in court can significantly increase the monetary settlement to the injured. Negligence includes items like providing improper safety equipment or lacking appropriate safety precautions. It also refers to using defective or dangerous equipment that the negligent individual knew had a defect or required repair.

Contact us today to obtain the services of a construction accident attorney in Brooklyn NY who will fight for your rights.

Let us help you obtain a settlement from your accident that can help you get your life back on track. Recovering from an accident becomes easier when you have the appropriate funding to care for your medical needs and rehabilitation costs.