The Importance of Parenting Time

Nov 24, 2017

Child development experts agree that bonding time between children and parents is vital for the healthy psychological growth of children. Many loving parents struggle with providing children that bonding experience, particularly when a volatile divorce has put a strain on parenting time. The children suffer as well, as they try to work through their emotions and deal with the absence of one parent.

The attorneys at Levitsky Law Firm understand the importance of parenting time for both the parents and the children. They are experts at negotiating an equitable parenting time agreement that protects parental rights and allows divorced parents to remain active in the lives of their children.

Parenting time is about more than settling a divorce and dividing up possession and children. It is about doing what is best for the kids. It is also about developing an ongoing relationship between ex-spouses that leads to healthy co-parenting habits. These habits include such activities as providing open communication whether by phone, email, or mail, so that both parents are kept up-to-date on child-related activities and timely schedule changes. A good parenting plan will also provide for future problem resolution without court involvement. For example, if one parent changes their job and needs to permanently reschedule time with the kids or to make new meeting arrangements.

Keep in mind as well that parenting time is not a weapon. No Brighton Beach divorce attorney can arrange for a parent to withhold time with children because of late child support payments. The time with both parents is a right afforded to children who should not be punished because one parent fails to meet his or her financial obligations.

A parent’s responsibility for raising well-adjusted child who feel loved and supported does not end with divorce, and most parents would not want it to. The Levitsky Law Firm strives to create parenting plans that help broken families heal and transition into two healthy, cooperative family units where shared children feel twice as blessed. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.