Struck By a Taxi? What Are Your Options?

May 22, 2020

Just like other vehicles on the road today, taxis must abide by traffic laws. Their drivers have the same responsibilities to pedestrians and other motorists as any other driver would.

When you have been hit and injured by a taxi, you have rights that you can pursue as an accident victim. You can ensure that your legal best interests are protected by hiring a Sunset Park NY personal injury attorney from Levitsky Law Firm today.

Proving Liability for the Accident

The taxi driver and the company that he or she drives for will attempt to deny liability for your accident. They will say that you caused the accident by walking out in front of the taxi, not exiting the taxi properly or engaging in some other behavior that put you at risk.

Your attorney, however, can quickly and decisively counter those claims by proving that you were not at fault. He or she can subpoena evidence like the police report, medical records and the accident reconstruction evidence that the police gather from the scene. This proof can be presented in court to show that you were not at fault and that the taxi driver bears the sole blame for what happened to you.

Working Out a Settlement

After seeing the evidence in your favor, the taxi companies lawyers may want to keep the case out of court. They realize that any negative publicity about their client’s company can result in a loss of business and disfavor with the public.

To get you to drop the lawsuit, the taxi company lawyers may offer you a settlement. Your attorney can make sure that any amount that they offer to you is more than reasonable to cover your financial and punitive damages.

You have rights as a victim after you are hit by a taxi. You can retain a Sunset Park NY personal injury attorney from the Levitsky Law Firm to protect those rights and represent you today.