Social Media and Personal Injury

Jun 24, 2022

If you have recently experienced a trauma that has resulted in a personal injury, how you present yourself on social media can harm your case and keep you from getting the results you deserve. With the help of  Levitsky Law Firm — a personal injury law firm Brooklyn, you will be aware of things not to do using your social media to avoid troubles in your case.

Can Social Media Posts Affect Your NY Personal Injury Case?

If you make a post on social media, the other party could review your social media accounts while your case is ongoing. They can use it to show evidence regarding your case if it is available through posts, pictures, or videos uploaded to the internet.

Social Media is a Public Record

Keep in mind that a social media account and all platforms are public records in terms of the court. Anything posted publicly and accessible can be a piece of evidence and presented in court. Even if you have a private account, a subpoena is possible in cases where the evidence gets pulled from the account and used during the trial.

If you suffered an injury that will prohibit your ability to work or function as you would normally do. The pictures you post on your social media accounts are subject to its review which will be a piece of evidence used against you if it appears you are engaging in an activity that conflicts with your statement on your abilities. Posted timestamps can also prove that you were not where you should have been for appointments, allowing a significant social media impact on a personal injury claim.

If you need assistance with social media posts on personal injuries, you need a Brooklyn personal injury attorney with experience working with these cases and helping you get the best results for your personal injury claim.  Call us today for a free consultation on how we can work on your case.