Slip and Trip on Icy Sidewalks? What to Do Next

Dec 23, 2019

It’s now the time of year where we experience the cool temperatures of winter. Along with this weather change comes the increased risk of a slip and fall injury. Icy sidewalks and walkways tend to be the main cause of falls in the winter. If this happens to you, it is imperative to know what to do after you’ve received the emergency medical attention you need. A personal injury law firm in Brighton Beach will help you determine who is at fault and if you are entitled to compensation. The attorneys at the Levitsky Law Firm understand how an incident of this nature can cause great pain and suffering and want to help you.

Who Is At Fault In A Slip And Trip Accident?
When determining who is at fault in a slip and trip situation, Brooklyn slip and trip accident lawyers will have to consider a number of factors. They will have to note if:

•The owner of the property’s negligence directly caused your injuries to occur.

•The owner of the property knew about the icy conditions of the sidewalk and failed to do anything about it.

•A reasonable person would have known to treat the sidewalk knowing that the ice could potentially cause injury.

Once these factors have been proven, Brooklyn slip and trip accident lawyers will also need to confirm that you have not played a role in causing the injury. This means that your actions were not careless or reckless in any way.

A property owner has the duty to ensure that surfaces are as safe as possible for those who are expected to be present on their property. If this duty is not upheld, they can be liable for any injuries that occur.

Our personal injury law firm in Brighton Beach will work in your favor to get you the money you deserve for a slip and trip accident. Contact the Levitsky Law Firm to learn how we can help you.