Slip and Fall at Coney Island

Aug 02, 2017

slip and fall at coney islandA day at Coney Island is supposed to be a day of fun and memory making. From the Wonder Wheel to the B&B Carousel, the last thing on your mind at Coney Island should be an injury. Unfortunately, injuries happen. When they do, your trip can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Business owners must keep their property safe

There are many different property owners involved in the operation of Coney Island, so it can be important to work with a Brooklyn personal injury attorney in order to determine who might be liable if you’re injured in a slip and fall. However, these businesses invite you onto their property in order to conduct business with you. You’re invited for the owner’s benefit in order to make a profit. For that reason, these property owners have a very high duty to keep their property safe.

When a business owner at Coney Island doesn’t take immediate steps to repair a danger or provide you a clear warning, your slip and fall attorney in Brooklyn may help you recover for your losses. A business owner has a higher duty than a person has when someone enters his or her property for mutual benefit. In addition, a trespasser has very few options for recovering for an injury, because they’re somewhere where they don’t belong.

We can help you understand your options

If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall at Coney Island or anywhere else, we invite you to meet with our attorneys at the Levitsky Law Firm. Our team of Brooklyn personal injury attorneys is happy to talk with you about your case. You may be surprised just how much you may be able to recover. Not only can we help you understand how New York law applies to your case, we can also help you maximize your recovery. Our team of skilled attorneys prepares your legal filings with precision and takes care of all of the related red tape.

If a Coney Island slip and fall happens to you, we invite you to contact us. We’re eager to help you understand how New York law might work in your favor. Our attorneys at the Levitsky Law Firm are standing by to talk with you.