Separation Do’s and Don’ts

Sep 06, 2019

Couples who are facing marital problems decide to separate either on a trial basis or as a precursor to divorce. Consulting with family lawyers in Brooklyn NY may be a good first step for individuals who are currently separated or contemplating divorce.

Many people misunderstand the nature of separations and make the assumption that they can take a do-it-yourself approach to no longer living together while remaining married. This can lead to significant financial and legal issues down the road. The attorneys at Levitsky Law Firm can provide guidance during this time.

If you’re contemplating separation or are recently separated, these do’s and don’ts below might be helpful:

Assume That You and Your Spouse are On the Same Page

It’s not unusual for one spouse to hope that separation is only temporary while the other perceives it as the first step in a divorce.

Do Consult With an Attorney

Our Brighton Beach family law attorneys can inform you of your legal rights and draft a separation agreement that can protect your interests.

Don’t Begin Dating Other People

Separation is not a time to begin new relationships. Doing so will only complicate matters and lead to ill-will that can make an eventual divorce much more difficult and expensive than it has to be. One of our family lawyers in Brooklyn NY can explain why this is and answer your other questions.

Do Monitor Your Finances and Credit

Monitoring your credit reports and financial accounts daily allows you to take action if your spouse opens credit lines in your name or begins to siphon funds. The lawyers at Levitsky Law Firm can provide advice regarding finances during your separation.

This is a sensitive time for you and your family. Still, it is important to understand that separation carries with it some rights and responsibilities that cannot be ignored. Our Brighton Beach family law attorneys can help you find a way forward.