Secondary Car Accidents

Jul 22, 2022

Being involved in a secondary car accident is just as frustrating as a primary car accident. These are often not as harmful physically, but they can require the services of a secondary car accident lawyer Brooklyn NY at Levitsky Law Firm.

Common Causes of Secondary Accidents

Some of the most common car causes of secondary accidents that a Brooklyn personal injury attorney sees include the following:

  • Swerving to avoid the primary accident
  • Watching or rubbernecking accidents
  • Stalled vehicles on the road

Unfortunately, those riding behind accidents when they happen will start to swerve as a way to bypass the accident and end up causing another. Also, those looking at the first accident when it happens will not pay attention to others, which is another reason for the accident. Stalled vehicles happen when accidents cause a backup in traffic and the vehicle stops operating while.

Where do Secondary Vehicle Accidents Commonly Occur?

In many cases, the secondary accident happens within a few feet of the primary accident. In Brooklyn, these accidents are usually found in the eyesight and the traffic backed up. They will usually involve those who were in traffic behind the accident.

Liability for Secondary Car Accidents

Even if there is a primary accident, if you got involved in or caused a secondary accident due to the first accident, there are still grounds for liability. When an accident happens, you are still expected to uphold all traffic laws and pay attention to traffic. Further, you should drive slower and navigate around the accident safely so that everyone can get around without issue.

If you need a quality secondary car accident lawyer Brooklyn NY where you got involved in a secondary car accident, then the Levitsky Law firm is the right lawyer for you. Contact us today for a consultation and answer any questions you may have.