Same Sex Divorce Options as Relayed by Divorce Attorneys in Manhattan NY

Aug 20, 2021

When it comes to same-sex couples, what are the options for a divorce?  Are there any children involved?  What about division of property?  Was a prenuptial agreement signed by both persons?  These questions and more will be answered in this concise blog courtesy of Levitsky Law Firm.

If the state you live in recognizes same-sex marriage, it stands to reason they also recognize same sex divorce.  Sometimes the rules for this are governed by how long you have lived in your home state.  Also, sometimes things can get complicated.  We are going to attempt to make it less complicated.  So what are some options?  Keep reading!

What are the Divorce Options for a Same-Sex Couple?

As long as you and your partner have lived in your home state for at least six months, you ought to be entitled to file for divorce, should your relationship come to that.  It is possible you will qualify for no-fault divorce.  This means it is not necessary to tell a court why you feel your marriage is over.  If you live in the state of New York, you can ask a Manhattan NY Same Sex Divorce Attorney for advice on this subject, even prior to your union.

What If Children are Involved?

As in any marriage, when it is over the battle for custody of the children can become tumultuous.  The best way to avoid having this drag on endlessly is to spell out in detail what happens to the children if a divorce happens BEFORE you marry.  This can be part of a prenuptial agreement.

It is advisable to have such an agreement.  Not only will the children be protected, but so will any possessions or financial assets.  You can consult a same sex divorce attorney Manhattan NY or wherever you reside prior to getting married.  It will protect you in the long run and it is a good idea to do it.