Repelling Accidents at Work: What You Can Do

Feb 02, 2018

A fall on icy stairs on a snowy day at work could lead to a serious injury to a limb, back or other body part requiring you to seek medical treatment. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier may deny your claim. You still must seek treatment and medical bills could pile up. To avoid bills going to collections and ruining your credit, check with Levitsky Law Firm to discover your workers’ compensation rights.

Slip and falls, repetitive trauma, knee pops, shoulder strains, and other work accidents often result in injury and a headache for you having to deal with paperwork, bills, and claims. To avoid the hassle of a dealing with a workers’ compensation claim, here are a few tips from a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer:

Repelling Accidents at Work

Your employer likely maintains some sort of safety program to prevent workplace accidents. Their program should contain a focus on thorough training and quality supervision.

Regarding training, employers should adjust safety programs with some frequency to keep the material fresh and top of mind, especially after an injury. Training should be reinforced every few months and involve hands on action at the job site and on location.

Supervisors should take feedback about safety concerns seriously, maintain an open-door policy about safety reporting, relay true stories of other workplace accidents, and hold regular safety meetings.

Work Injury Factors

Some common factors known to cause workplace injury include slip and falls from different floor levels, getting struck against equipment, crushing injuries, roadway incidents, overexertion of the body, repetitive movements (like factory or office work), and tripping over objects on the floor. The best way to avoid a work injury is to be alert and follow your company’s safety standards while also taking care of your body. Stretching and exercise are great ways to avoid cumulative trauma injuries. If you work at a desk, stand up at least once every 20 minutes. Wear the proper safety gear required for your job. In general, use common sense.

Contact a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer soon after experiencing an accident at work and allow them to handle the headache of dealing with the insurance company for you. Contact Levitsky Law Firm today to schedule your consultation and discuss the next step for your case.