Paternal Rights in NY: When to Speak to an Attorney

Sep 13, 2019

When a father wishes to establish paternal rights, there are procedures that must be followed and an order from a court may be necessary. Until paternal rights are established, a father may be denied the right to have custody and visitation with their child. Our paternity attorneys in Brooklyn NY at Levitsky Law Firm can help you pursue a paternity action to establish your rights.

What does a paternity action involve?
If a father is not listed on a birth certificate or otherwise acknowledged as the father, then a petition may be filed with the court to establish paternal rights. This petition must contain certain information and notice must be provided to the other parent. In some situations, a paternity test may be required to establish rights.

If a court is satisfied that all procedures have been followed and that rights have been established, then it will issue a decree declaring you as the child’s father and a revised birth certificate may be issued to reflect this status.

What paternal rights exist in NY?
After paternal rights are established, the father has a right to custody and visitation rights. Parental rights are afforded constitutional protections, as parents have a fundamental right to the custody, control and care of their children. Once paternal rights are established, custody and support rights may be pursued.

Why should you seek out the assistance of Brighton Beach family lawyers?
Brighton Beach family lawyers can provide legal advice and representation in a paternity action. We will help you comply with the necessary procedures and guide you through the process. If there is any objection raised to your pursuit of paternal rights, then we will advocate on your behalf for the appropriate resolution.

The paternity attorneys in Brooklyn NY at Levitsky Law Firm are experienced in establishing paternal rights and know what it takes to be successful. Contact us to learn more.