Parking Garage Car Accident

Jul 28, 2023

Traversing through a bustling New York parking garage can be a stressful experience, akin to steering through a labyrinth. One moment of distraction and — bang! — a parking garage accident occurs, turning an ordinary day into a legal conundrum.

If you’ve recently found yourself embroiled in such a predicament, you’re not alone. With the Levitsky Law Firm at your side, you don’t have to face it alone either.

Overview: Car Accidents in Parking Garages

New York parking garages are a hotspot for fender benders and more serious accidents alike. According to city traffic regulations, the operator of a vehicle is responsible for avoiding collisions with pedestrians or other cars, regardless of whether they are in motion or parked. This includes accidents in parking garages, where visibility is often compromised and space is at a premium.

Injuries, Compensation, and Liability

When a parking garage accident occurs, the ramifications can be extensive and complex, affecting various aspects of one’s life. Potential injuries range from minor cuts and bruises to severe traumas that might necessitate extensive medical treatment. Moreover, property damage to the vehicles involved may also result in considerable repair costs.

Beyond these immediate impacts, numerous legal implications also come into play, including questions of compensation and liability. Who bears the fault? Is the liability solely the driver’s, or does the parking garage owner share it? These are critical questions that determine the direction of a claim and the prospects of compensation.

However, it’s essential to recognize that liability assessment is not always straightforward. The specific circumstances surrounding each accident can significantly impact the determination of liability.

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