Parental Alienation

Jul 21, 2023

Are you experiencing constant anxiety about the deteriorating relationship between you and your child? If so, you may be dealing with parental alienation — a distressing phenomenon that’s increasingly becoming a source of concern in New York’s family courts. Parental alienation involves the manipulation or brainwashing of a child against one parent by the other, leading to an unfair and damaging rift in familial relationships.

Parental Alienation Laws in New York

New York’s family laws recognize the gravity of parental alienation, which is seen as an insidious form of emotional abuse. It’s deemed detrimental as it deprives the child of a loving relationship with both parents, often leading to long-term emotional distress.

Key signs of parental alienation include a sudden change in a child’s behavior towards one parent, unfounded accusations, and an irrational preference for one parent over the other.

  • Sudden Change in Child’s Behavior Towards One Parent: This is typically the most apparent sign. The child, who previously had a healthy relationship with both parents, suddenly exhibits an inexplicable aversion or hostility towards one parent.
  • Unfounded Accusations: In cases of parental alienation, it’s common for the child to level unfounded accusations against one parent. These accusations may involve false claims of neglect, abuse, or other forms of wrongdoing.
  • Irrational Preference for One Parent Over the Other: Another critical sign is an irrational preference for one parent, often accompanied by the denigration of the other parent. The child may exhibit a strong, almost obsessive attachment to one parent while completely rejecting the other.

The New York Courts often address instances of parental alienation when making determinations on child custody and visitation rights. It’s crucial, then, to have a clear understanding of parental alienation laws in New York.

Seek  a Parental Alienation Lawyer

Parental alienation is an emotionally distressing issue that can be bewildering for those who experience it. Successfully arguing a case of parental alienation can be challenging.

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