NY Domestic Partnership Separation

Feb 14, 2024

New York Domestic Partnership Separation refers to the process through which individuals who are registered as domestic partners in the state of New York dissolve their partnership. Domestic partnership, recognized in several jurisdictions, offers unmarried couples—both same-sex and opposite-sex—certain legal rights and benefits that are similar to those conferred by marriage. These can include health care benefits, the right to make medical decisions for a partner, and visitation rights in hospitals and jails.

Understanding Domestic Partnership Separation in New York

The separation process for domestic partners in New York involves several steps, similar to those encountered in a divorce, although the legal framework and specific rights and obligations can differ. Key aspects of separating as domestic partners may include:

  1. Termination of the Domestic Partnership: The partnership must be formally terminated. This process can vary depending on the local jurisdiction within New York where the partnership was registered, which has its own specific procedures for registration and dissolution.
  2. Division of Property: Domestic partners may need to negotiate the division of their property and assets. Unlike in a divorce, there may not be a legal presumption of equal distribution, so the terms could be based on ownership or agreements made during the partnership.
  3. Custody and Child Support: If the domestic partnership involves children, the partners must address custody and child support. While domestic partners have the right to parent jointly, separating partners will need to establish a custody arrangement and child support consistent with the best interests of the child, similar to the process for married couples.
  4. Spousal Support: Unlike divorce, there is no provision for spousal support (alimony) between domestic partners under New York State law. Financial support after separation would be based on personal agreements between the partners.
  5. Legal Agreements: Partners may choose to create a separation agreement that outlines the division of assets, property, and any child-related agreements. While not required, a legal agreement can provide clarity and legal enforceability of the terms of separation.

The Path Forward with Professional Guidance

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