New York Labor Law 241 Protects Construction Workers from Injury

Feb 01, 2018

If you are a contractor, agent, or building owner in the state of New York, you will need to comply with the labor law 241 during construction or demolition projects. This law ensures the safety and protection of construction workers at the job site.

Synopsis of Labor Law 241

New York labor law 241 involves ensuring the floors and elevators at a job site are safe. This labor law gives protection for construction workers who become injured when working. This includes any repair, renovation, demolition, or alteration of a building or dwelling.

If workers are injured because the labor law was violated, they may be able to recover some form of damages. If you have been injured and believe your employer violated labor laws, you may want to reach out to a Brooklyn personal injury attorney.

New York labor law 241 requires certain actions to be completed at a job site. Additionally, this law involves the type of equipment that needs to be provided to construction workers for their safety. If any actions aren’t taken or equipment is not provided, construction workers should be able to recover full damages after they were hurt in personal injury construction accidents.

Labor law 241 is meant to protect all construction workers and keep them safe. This law requires all bosses to provide safety equipment for their construction workers. The legal requirements involve various activities that must be conducted on a work site for greater safety.

This includes how a work site needs to be equipped, guarded, and constructed as well as various aspects of properly running a construction site. This is a very extensive safety law providing ways to appropriately manage a work site and protect construction workers.

Levitsky Law Firm can Help

If you believe your boss has not followed New York labor laws and it led to your injury, please reach out to construction accident injury attorneys at the Levitsky Law Firm. Our personal injury Brooklyn lawyers have extensive experience and years on the job protecting the rights of construction workers.

Any construction worker injured at the job site should call our personal injury attorney in Brighton Beach who can help you better understand which people may be liable for your accident.