Understanding how to choose one lawyer from another is the situation everyone finds themselves in when need legal representation in a divorce or a personal injury case. While all attorneys are licensed by the state bar where they operate and work, they are not all equal in capability and experience with different case types.

Aspects of a Good Divorce Attorney

Divorce is within the context of family law, and divorce cases are heard and decided in family court. Because they can many times involve children as well as property, divorce cases can become two different cases at the same time; one for the divorce itself and the second for parental custody of the children involved. Experienced Manhattan divorce attorneys have a long history of working in local family courts in Manhattan and immediately counsel their clients on all aspects of a potential divorce case from the beginning to avoid surprises. Good Manhattan family law attorneys also aggressively ensure clients are fully represented in every hearing and procedure versus just trying to settle the case for expediency.

The Qualities of a Desirable Personal Injury Attorney

In accident and personal injury cases, Manhattan personal injury attorneys focus on restoring the client how he or she was before the accident occurred, or at least compensating the client for losses that can range from medical costs to income and career changes to mental harm. Personal injury cases can also seek damages where the harm was not just preventable, but clearly shocking and even intentional in avoiding a duty of care that should have protected a client. Good personal injury attorneys in Manhattan NY focus on securing all recoveries for a client, not just the immediate medical expenses. Too often, many cases are closed out by attorneys to just get a payment. An experienced and ethical attorney will take the longer road, even to trial, to ensure a client is fully represented for recovery as much as possible.

The Levitsky Law Firm provides clients in Manhattan both aspects of high quality representation in Manhattan’s East Side and local court system. When your case matters personally, either in divorce or injury, then it’s time to call our team.

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