When trying to find an attorney for a personal injury or a divorce, it can be downright confusing with all the possibilities and suggestions from friends and family. However, regardless of who might know who from work, a church, or a past case, what you really need is an attorney in the East Side of Manhattan with proven experience in court. There are lots of lawyers out there, and plenty of Manhattan’s East Side personal injury attorneys are among those number, but not all of them are actual litigators who are directly familiar with the local court system.

Tried and True Divorce Court Experience, Not Just Negotiating Alone

The Levitsky Law Firm provides a proven resource for divorce and personal injury cases. Our team has handled multiple divorce cases across New York City and continues to do so for multiple clients in Manhattan. The knowledge we bring to the table puts your case representation a step above the pack right away, and we have no issue taking your case all the way to trial versus the common tactic of just negotiating to a settlement alone.

Personal Injury Cases Often Shift on Procedural Rules

A key factor in many injury cases involves knowing the local rules of court. These are the procedural rules every court district has, and only experienced attorneys in that particular court jurisdiction know how to navigate them well. The Levitsky Law Firm has been managing cases in the East Side of Manhattan for years, easily preparing critical technical strategies well before a case ever reaches trial and scoring big advantages for injured clients as a result.

Cut Through the Chatter and Confusion With an Expert

So, if you’re looking at an impending divorce filing and need a divorce attorney in the east side of Manhattan or you need a competent attorney to handle a personal injury in Manhattan, consider the Levitsky Law Firm. Our case performance proves itself, and our clients get some of the best legal representation among accident attorneys in the East Side Manhattan as possible because of our direct litigating experience in the local courts.

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