Long Term Effects of Catastrophic Injuries

Jan 28, 2022

Catastrophic injuries are the kinds of injuries that stay with you for the rest of your life. It is a permanent change that might include a partial or full disability that will not go away. Paralysis is a type of catastrophic injury. So are any others that significantly affect your ability to continue living your life as you did prior to the injury.

How it Affects Victims and Their Families

Catastrophic injuries affect accident victims by making it impossible to do the things that they used to do. That often includes continuing to work and earn money. That could affect the immediate family by decreasing family income while the medical costs and ongoing treatments greatly reduce its combined income.

Potential Long-Term Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries

The cost usually is very high for initial and ongoing treatment due to catastrophic injuries. The costs include loss of income and other damages that are monetary as well as life-changing. The at-fault parties could be held liable and pay a significant settlement amount that could total a lot of money. A large settlement could be paid in a lump sum and transferred to a living trust account that pays the ongoing medical costs and other damages suffered by the accident victim.

How a Brighton Beach Personal Injury Attorney Could Help

An experienced injury attorney Brighton Beach accident victims might contact could help to hold negligent parties liable for damages. If you or another member of your family suffered a catastrophic injury, Levitsky Law Firm could help to build a strong case against liable parties.

An injury lawyer Brighton Beach accident victims use to build strong cases could help to present the strongest evidence for the best case. If the matter goes to court, it might be possible to obtain punitive damages.