Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents in NY

Feb 03, 2023

Cycling is a common form of transportation in New York City. It is also known as a cycling city, with the number of cyclists increasing annually. Due to that, many people get in accidents while riding. According to statistics, 18,718 bike accidents in NYC occurred in 2018, among which 18,710 accumulated injuries while eight died later. In 2019, the five boroughs also witnessed accidents involving 18,510 cyclists colliding.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents in NY

Below are some of the reasons for bike accidents in NY.

Bad Roads

With all the potholes in NY, cyclists are in danger while riding. Among other dangerous road conditions which cause bike accidents in NY are slippery ride-ways, selfish lane marking, and street debris.

Use of Mobile Phones and Headphones while driving/riding

This implies to both cyclists and motor drivers or truck drivers. Most of them forget the traffic rules and use their cell phones and headsets, which distract them, leading to accidents.

Riding at Night

Most bicycle accidents occur at night. That is due to limited vision at night, especially in places with dim or no street lights. For that reason, a driver or motorist may not see the rider until it’s too late.

Aggressive and Speedy Drivers

Reckless and aggressive driving revolves around truck and car drivers. That happens when they feel they are in a rush and the cyclists are delaying them. The anxiety later drives them into dangerous driving, which results in accidents.

How to Avoid a Bicycle Accident in New York

In NYC, many people use bikes when exercising, cutting down transport costs within the town, and even having a good time with family while riding. For that reason, knowing how to be safe while on the road is paramount.

The safety tips include:

  • Never drink and ride a bicycle, or else you lose control and fall into a pothole or other running vehicles or bikes.
  • Avoid using headphones or talking on the phone while riding
  • Endeavor to service your bike from time to time to help it remain in a good condition
  • Do not forget to wear a bicycle helmet and other preventive gear
  • Adhere to all bicycle traffic laws
  • Avoid riding at night.

Contact Your Attorney After a Bicycle Accident

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