Know Your Rights as a Single Parent in New York

Sep 10, 2021

Today, many individuals choose to start a family outside the confines of marriage. It is an individual decision, but those that decide to have children outside of wedlock need to understand their legal rights.

As soon as there are children, parents should consult with a lawyer to understand their parental rights. In the New York area, one of the top family law attorneys is the Levitsky Law Firm. Levitsky Law is a leading Brighton Beach Child Custody Attorney for unmarried parents, serving the Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, and Manhattan areas.

Parents Rights:

Who has legal rights to children if not married? In New York, unmarried mothers automatically have full legal and physical custody of the child. This is the case unless the mother is deemed unfit.

The father can consult with a Brighton Beach Child Custody Attorney or Brighton Beach family law attorney to make a custody agreement. Having this in place is helpful should the couple break up.

The Rights of the Father:

First of all, paternity, to ensure he is the father of the child. This will ensure that the father can have visitation rights to the child, and the mother is eligible for child support should the couple break up. In all cases, these measures are put in place for the best interest of the child or children involved.

What to do if my Child Custody Agreement is not Enforced?

According to, each parent must abide by the custody agreement unless they opt to have it changed. When this occurs, the parent may need to file a custody petition and have the case heard in front of a judge. If the parties can’t agree, the court may suggest mediation.

If one party wants the custody agreement changed, they need to follow the Custody/Visitation Modification DIY Program to come to the best resolution for the child.

If custody agreements are not being honored, the Custody/Visitation Enforcement program should be notified. At this time, the parents will determine if the custody agreement should be changed.

Changing the Custody Agreement:

In some cases, the child custody agreement may need to be amended, due to changes in circumstances. This can be done with the help of a Manhattan family law attorney or a Brighton Beach family law attorney. They can file the necessary custody modification papers, get them signed and file the change order with the court.

The Importance of Local Representation:

Each city, state, and municipality have their own set of governing rules, that is why it is crucial to get local representation in custody, visitation, and child support issues. That is why it is crucial to work with a local firm like the Levitsky Law Firm. This Brighton Beach Child Custody Attorney will help both parties come to an agreement and provide a stable, loving environment for the child.