Involved in a Brooklyn MTA Bus Crash? Can you be Compensated?

Jul 13, 2018

New York City residents who use public transportation regularly, expect a safe and relatively uneventful ride when they have to commute around the city. The MTA is actually an excellent option when you consider the world famous congested traffic of New York. But, accidents do happen, and they may be happening at a greater rate than the public realizes. The MTA has been reported to actually have an accident cleanup staff on the payroll that responds immediately when a mishap occurs. However, there are also accidents that involve significant numbers of people like the recent Brooklyn MTA accident in which approximately 20 people were injured. Of course, it is a rarity to be involved in a bus crash, but what would you do if you were? After being medically evaluated, the best step is to contact a Brooklyn bus accident lawyer.

You Have a Right to Collect Damages

Being injured in a MTA bus accident is different from being involved in a typical automobile accident. The material facts of the case can matter greatly and often impact the amount of financial recovery available to the injured victims. Damages are typically available for medical bills, lost wages when you cannot work, and general damages for pain-and-suffering. Mental anguish can also be claimed in particularly bad accidents involving gross negligence. A Brooklyn personal injury lawyer can investigate the accident for any evidence that will enhance your case for maximum recovery.

Do Not Wait to Call a Brooklyn Bus Accident Lawyer

Evidence fades fast following a MTA bus accident, and it is very important to contact an attorney as soon as possible who can inspect of the evidence against the official report. Filing deadlines for claims against a government agency are also shorter than standard personal injury claims, which also means settlement for nominal injury cases could happen in a timely fashion. The sooner your attorney can get started, the better the chances for a full financial recovery.

If you or someone you know have been injured in a MTA bus accident in Brooklyn should call Levitsky Law Firm for a full free case evaluation.